Differences Between Valves and Carbon Fiber Tanks

For Filling PCP Air Guns

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If you are new in the Pre-Charged-Pneumatic (PCP) Airgun hobby, this topic can become quite confusing. I will describe the different valves, and tank sizes for filling PCP Air Guns.  

Differences in Valves

1) SCUBA Yoke, or K-Valve;  K-Valves are only rated 3000 PSI.  Since most airguns need to be filled to 3000 PSI, it can easily be shown that a tank with a K-Valve can't completely fill an airgun.  Think about it, if you start out with a tank at 3000 PSI, and for 10 seconds let it empty into a PCP (Pre-Charged-Pneumatic) Air Gun, after 10 seconds the SCUBA tank is no longer filled to 3000 PSI and it hasn't even finished filling the PCP (Pre-Charged-Pneumatic) Air Gun!  Finally, at some point, the SCUBA tank and PCP Air Gun  will come to equilibrium below 3000 PSI.  So, even with a freshly filled SCUBA tank, you won't completely fill your PCP Air Gun!  And it only gets worse from there, as the fills will get lower each follow-on fill as the tanks is exhausted.   SCUBA tanks don't have the pressure it takes tofill your PCP Air Gun. And SCUBA tanks typically weigh about 45-55 Lbs so they are HEAVY!!!

2) SCBA  (Fireman) Valves & 3) DIN300 economy Valves on Carbon Fiber Tanks;  The good thing is Carbon Fiber Tanks are much lighter than a SCUBA tank (the DIN300 on a steel SCUBA tank weigh a ton).  The K-Valve, SCBA and Economy DIN300 Valve are designed for breathing, and hence flow air very QUICKLY.  In fact, TOO QUICKLY, as there instances of over-filling PCP Rifles.   I have had a number of people report of using these type of tanks and inadvertently over-filling their Marauder PCP and damaging it. (Note: We have designed a safer and more economical system in the 3 Carbon Fiber Tanks that we offer.)   Initially these economy tanks and valves look inexpensive, but 99% of the time SCBA tanks can NOT be filled at a SCUBA shop. Hence, an SCBA valved (or Fireman's) tank typically requires the additional purchase of an $89 SCBA to DIN300 adapter such as shown HERE.  In addition, the K-Valve, SCBA and Economy DIN300 require the purchase of an appropriate Fill Hose Assembly that not only uses more air, but costs $149 as shown HERE.   With shipping, these necessities add about $250 to the cost of these tanks.  It is easy to see an economy tank isn't so economical.  In fact, you pay about the same as a new Tiger Shark.  Oh, and buyer beware! People are selling tanks that are near, or beyond, their 15 year limit. This means little to no use from the tank.  Always check the date on a tank before purchasing. 

 4) Carbon Fiber Tanks with DIN300 TJ3 Slo-Flo Valve for specifically filling Pre-Charged-Pneumatic (PCP) Air Guns(Such as the Guppy, Tiger Shark, and Great White Tanks).

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If you wish to convert you SCBA tank to our TJ3 SLO-FLO Gun Fill valve, go HERE.

Shown below are the 3 sizes of tanks we offer. While these are commonly referred to as SCBA tanks, these are actually 4500 Carbon Fiber cylinders with custom-made DIN300 SLO-FLO Valves