Alpha Filter Vertical


The Alpha Filter System

For PCP Airguns & Carbon Fiber Tanks 

By Joe Brancato 714-612-5956 (Personal Cell 8AM-6PM Pacific)



1)      Parts of the Filter and their Function:

a.       The Alpha Filter is a 3 stage Filter SYSTEM, with condensate drain section at the bottom (input) Filtration Cartridge (Silver tube in center), and  Pressure Check Valve above  (Gold top, at the output). 

b.     The Stainless Steel Condensate Drain valve at the bottom can be opened to allow the trapped water (condensate) out of the filter after filling a tank.

c.      The condensate section at the bottom is necessary, to prevent ruining the filter media.   Bottom line: Filter media is designed to trap the remaining water VAPOR after the condensate has been drained.  Without the condensate drained, either the media would absorb the condensate hygroscopically or via direct contact.   If this happened, the media would immediately become saturated and useless.

d.      The Alpha Filter has a 0-5000 PSI gauge mounted on the Condensate Drain, to monitor input pressure from the compressor.

e.       The Alpha Filter has an easily replaceable breathing quality filter element that removes water, oil, particulates, etc. from the air as it passes through the filter.

f.        For a filter to work properly, the air must not rush through it, and also have proper pressure while filtering.  The Alpha filter has special valving on the output that is designed to allow pressure to build prior to air flowing out of the media.  One will see the pressure build up to approximately to 1800-2200 PSI before the air starts to pass through the filter media.  This is critical and also gives the media the chance to scrub the air.  Without this, the filter would be significantly less effective

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2)      Operation of the Filter

a.       The Alpha Filter (like all quality high pressure fitters) must be mounted vertically to operate.

b.      Connect  compressor to input of filter (bottom end).  Shoebox version has a hose, while Alpha/Omega/Mrod version has a Foster male quick disconnect to connect to hose of compressor.

c.       Connect 4500 PSI tank to output of filter (top end).  Typical output is male Foster male quick disconnect to connect to hose from air tank.  Filter can also be supplied with hose and bleeder to connect directly to airgun, or tanks without a bleeder.

d.      Ensure condensate drain on filter (bleeder) is closed to prevent air from escaping while filling tank

e.       Turn on compressor and allow pressure to build up in filter. 

f.        SLOWLY open valve from tank that is to be filled.

g.       Input gauge will reach 1800-2200 PSI allowing media to more thoroughly scrub air before allowing air to pass out of filter media.


3)      Maintenance Replacing the Filter Element Cartridge

a.       ENSURE FILTER IS DEPRESSURIZED by opening Condensate drain at bottom of filter. 

b.       Unscrew TOP cap (end with Gold-colored valve). After initial quarter turn to loosen it, filter cap should not be unusually tight and come off fairly easily.  If cap continues to feel resistance to turning, confirm filter is not under pressure.  If cap is very tight, call us at 714-907-0067 to confirm you are doing it right. We ALWAYS answer our phone after the first ring or two, so be safe and spend a few minutes making sure all is well.

c.       Remove Filter Element Cartridge removed from the top.  The replacement Filter Element is inserted o-ring last.  Screw on top cap completely.

Note:  Re-heating the beads and putting them back in the cartridge does work a bit, but this only brings back the capacity to 80%.  One could put NEW beads in a used, clean filter element (but storing the beads and ensuring they don’t absorb moisture once the package is open must be ensured, or the media will be ruined.    A brand new element is cheap insurance.

5)     SAFTEY TIP:  NEVER put lose beads in the Alpha Filter (or any filter).  Beads emit acid when they absorb moisture.  Beads in direct contact with the pressure vessel will eventually weaken it, which could be catastrophic.    Properly designed filters ALWAYS contain media in either a plastic or stainless steel tube to prevent contact with the pressure vessel.


6)      Should you have any questions on the operation of your filter, feel free to call us at 714-907-0067 from 8AM-8PM Pacific. Take care, and happy filtering!!!!